BreezyPC -Atlanta Web Design


  • Appointment Design

    This is a great design that has a call to action for appointments. Click here to see it.

  • Medical Design

    This is great design for any medical office. Has custom map functionality, ability to let clients schedule appointments, and much more. View it here

  • Simple

    View it here

  • Fitness Design

    This is great for personal trainers, gyms, or any other “health related” type organization. It has a great front-page slider, social media integration built in,  contact pages, and more. View it here

  • Personal Website Design

    This is a great personal page for a person or organization. The Design has built in testimonials, skills (with a drop down), social media functionality, and a blog. View it here  

  • Blog Design 1

    This is a great classic design for anyone wanting a clean and elegant page. View it here

  • Corporate Design

    This design is focused more towards companies and organizations that have a “portfolio” or work to show. View it here.

  • Corporate Design Clean

    This is an edgier design for a corporation. This will give a great impression to any prospect you have but will do poorly for conversion. View it here

  • Art Gallery Design

    This is an absolute wonderful theme for organizations such as interior designers, art galleries, or even real estate properties that want to show off photo’s heavily. View it here.

  • Edgy Corporate Design

    This is a great Corporate theme that is a little more edgier. View it here.

  • Full Screen Corporate Design

    This is a professional looking corporate design. It has social media integration in addition to a rocking slider. View it here.