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About BreezyPC

About BreezyPC

BreezyPC started in late 2009 with a the idea that websites need to be easy, web design should be affordable, and web design should be sleek. The everchanging landscape of the business world requires you have a website whether your big or small. A website exposes you to millions, and potentially billions of prospective customers, talent, and countless new avenues of opportunity for your business.


Yet, we at BreezyPC, noticed that only big businesses were able to take advantage of the internet. The reason, we surmised, was because there is no way to get affordable web design that looks as professional as web design that is available to big corporations with entire graphic design departments. We at BreezyPC built our entire work off bringing higher end web design for the amount it costs to pay your cellphone bill.

We utilize economies of scale to reduce cost. Designers pump out the design template you want, coders code the functionality you need, and online marketers put on the finishing touches to ensure high response/conversion rates. In most companies one person does a little bit of each and has to charge more and do a lower quality work. At BreezyPC we have dedicated designers, coders, and marketers that ensure a high quality of product.

Take a look at our portfolio if you want to see more.